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Our Values

We all have the right to our own experiences and to feel legitimate no matter

how big or small, permanent or temporary a problem may be.

  • We are committed to centering your unique lived experience

  • We believe people are not defined by their problems

  • We practice our craft by bringing playful and creative approaches to our conversations

  • Problems are created and exist within social and cultural contexts that are actively informed by race, class, ability, gender, and sexual orientation

  • We acknowledge the ongoing effects of colonial violence, systemic oppression, and marginalization impact people and communities

Interested in Reading
Some of Our Work?

"Narrative Therapy in the “Imaginative-Agentive Gap” Or: Imagined into Agency: Goth Lolita Comes to Life" by Chelsey Morton

"On Ferocious and Gentle Correspondence Between a Rebel Woman and Worry" by Chelsey Morton


"A Tender Letter I Was Not Prepared For": Therapeutic Documents During Client Transfers by Crys Vincent JCNT August 2021 (


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*My learning, understanding & refinement of these practices has come from the generosity of the folks at the Calgary Narrative Collective-Loree Stout, Sanni Paljakka, Tiffany Saxton and Tom Carlson. Foundational to all of these ideas are the brilliance of Michael White and the pedagogy of David Epston.

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