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Play Therapy at Craft Psychology

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a specialized form of therapy that utilizes the natural language of children - play - to help them express thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Toys in sandtray
Play Therapy Art Station

How does Play Therapy work?

Play therapy employs creative strategies and interventions as a way to assess and understand the child's inner world. With the help of a therapist, children play out and express life themes, challenges, and identify preferred ways of being. This understanding is then used to work through difficulties.

Why choose Play Therapy?

Children often struggle to express their inner world in words alone,

which is why we observe behavioral changes when they face overwhelming challenges. Play therapy provides a non-threatening and developmentally appropriate approach for children to communicate their feelings and experiences.

Play therapy enhances self-expression, fosters problem-solving skills, improves self-esteem, and supports overall psychological well-being. It offers a safe space for exploration, expression, and positive change, helping children and their families thrive.

Toys and Sandtray  in Play Therapy Office

What Does Play Therapy Help With?

Grief and Loss

Reduce Outbursts

Increase Coping Skills

Coping with illness

Increase awareness of emotions

Relational conflicts

Isolation or social withdrawal

Increase ability to solve problems

Increase self-confidence

Learn how to express emotions

Reduce anxieties

Strengthen social skills

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